The Major Differences in Both Female and Male Orgasms

Male orgasms differ greatly from female orgasms. Surveys have shown that a minority of only 18% of women have actually experienced orgasm during sex. The results are staggering and men don’t even Have a clue when their women are faking orgasms!

Men can easily achieve orgasm as soon as their penis is erected. Their orgasms which is normally triggered in a one way direction, can easily be done with masturbation or sexual intercourse or oral sex.

Visual or physical stimuli also plays a part in enhancing the intensity of their orgasms. Women on the other hand, can take quite awhile to get aroused before they escalate to orgasm. You can actually tell if a woman is fully turned on by checking the moist level in her vagina.

All you need to do is to try to insert one finger into her vagina, if you feel that the opening becomes dry, it means she is not ready for intercourse yet.

The more wet she becomes, the more receptive she would be to receiving stimulation until she climaxes.

Gradually increase your passed towards sexual intensity. Unlike with men, female orgasms do not necessarily follow up with ejaculation. All they really result in is in her moaning and her breasts turning slightly pink when she is being uncontrollably pleasured sexually.

After climaxing, women usually feel vulnerable and extra sensitive in various parts of her body. To heighten a woman’s excitement and to give her multiple orgasms, simply remember that she is different and needs it more than you do.


Now that you understand what I am saying, I have a special time limited bonus for you.

A few months ago, I accidentally discovered an ancient Chinese Female Orgasm Sex manual in my grandfather’s antique box.

This is a family heirloom that has been passed down for 3 generations to the men in the family so that they can carry on the family line and maintain fidelity in their wives. The contents are written in such old Chinese-Mandarin characters that it took me almost forever to have it translated properly.

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