Should Freelance Graphic Designers – Graphic Artists Handle Female and Male Clients Differently?

For the most part, female and male clients are different and they should be managed differently. They act different, talk different, and often expect different results from working with their freelance graphic designers. This isn’t to say that one is better than another – they are equal, but different.

Should you assume that when you work with a male client that you have to be analytical and conventional, and with female clients you have to get in touch with “your feelings”?

Of course not. People are individuals. While there are guidelines in how to deal with females versus males, that’s all they are: guidelines.

Below are some guidelines I’ve come up with from years of working with clients – direct observation from working with over one hundred male and female clients each. Again, one client isn’t better than another one, and there are MANY exceptions to the rule, but this is what I’ve learned and use as guidelines:

I’ve tried to be as politically correct and yet fair and honest about both sexes. Feel free to post your comments, but please don’t call the “PC Police” – these are observations, not facts. I know there are exceptions to the rule, that’s why I’ve called these “guidelines”.

Female Clients:

I use the word “feel” more

Emotionally driven

Want to enjoy the process

Need you to pay attention to them

Task oriented

Change their minds a little more

I give comfort, reassurance

Have to feel good about the project and working with you

Male Clients:

I use the word “think” more

Logically driven

Want to get good results

Need you to hit deadlines

Results oriented

Change their minds a little less

I give facts, figures

Have to feel good about the results

What I’ve found in my 10 years working as a designer is that men and women for the most part are different, but everyone should be treated as an individual. Going in with a game plan like, “This potential client is a woman, so I’ll need to do XYZ…” is a huge mistake that can cost you the client as well as respect.

Just knowing there are differences between the two, and having them in the back of your mind when talking to potential clients is enough for any graphic or web designer. Bottom line: understand there are differences – treat everyone as an individual.

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